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The International Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Modelling (IJMAM), formerly known as the Journal of the Nigerian Society for Mathematical Biology, is the official journal of the Nigerian Society for Mathematical Biology, designed to disseminates original research findings in all areas of pure and applied mathematics.

The aim of the journal is to cause to be published, original research that shows the connection between Pure and Applied Mathematicians, Statisticians, Operations Researchers, Physicists, Engineers, Computer Scientists and specialists in any field of human endeavour such as in Agriculture, Medicine, Pharmacy, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences, Humanities, Arts, etc, at the crossroad of theoretical, experimental and field studies with the Mathematical Sciences, in order to provide solutions to problems that cut across these fields through exchange of ideas and collaborations.

Submitted papers should provide rigorous mathematical analysis of any real-world problem being discussed; at the same time, the results obtained should be useful and easily understandable by non-mathematicians. The journal will accept different kinds of articles, ranging from review articles to special invitations. All submitted manuscript will be assessed by the Editor-in-Chief before being sent out for peer-review.

Areas covered in the IJMAM include, Mathematical Modelling, Numerical Analysis, Fluid Mechanics, Real and Complex Analysis, Functional Analysis, Operator Theory, Statistics, Algebra, Computational Mathematics and Differential Equations. Articles that show the connections between different areas of Mathematics when solving real-world problems are especially welcome in the IJMAM. 

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Vol. 6 No. 2 (2023): Volume 6, Issue 2 (Oct. - Nov. 2023)
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Volume 6 Issue 2 of the International Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Modelling, published in October 2023.

Published: 2023-10-31


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