Meetings and Conferences


The NSMB organises an annual conference/meeting, preceded by a two day modelling workshop. The annual conference covers all areas of mathematical biology, applications of techniques in dynamical systems theory to biological processes and any other relevant areas that are of mutual benefit to the Society.

In addition to the annual conference and workshop, the NSMB also, from time to time, organise outreach programmes for students (secondary and tertiary) as well as summer schools.  The NSMB seek to work with the following organisations in other to enlighten them on the importance of the Society in bringing about robust solutions to the country’s challenging health and environmental issues through the use of mathematics:


2023 Conference NSMB: 

2022 Conference NSMB: 

2021 Conference of NSMB: 


·         Federal Ministry and State Ministries of Health

·         Pharmaceutical Companies

·         International and local NGO’s involved in health advocacy in Nigeria

·         International and local Foundations  involved in health /bio-medical interventions in Nigeria

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